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Memories from Mexico

On Friday, June 29th, I took the trip of all trips. I traveled to Mexico on a solo vacation. It wasn't one of those let's get freaky trips. Rather, it was one of those let's get clarity trips.

I enjoyed every moment of the trip. I planned every detail. I bought a first class ticket so that I could begin and end my trip in style. I packed earlier in the week, organized every outfit, every activity, and I began my trip full of hope.

My goal was relaxation. I brought books with me. And I intentionally did not research the city. What was the point if I wasn't going to venture beyond the resort, right?

I stayed true to my plan. I relaxed a great deal. I read. I enjoyed the pool. And I got to practice my Spanish.

It was a nice change to be inspired by own life. You see, I am generally talker. I speak and dream about those things that I'd like to do, but I don't often act on them. I've been reassured by the fact that I have this talent, this intellect, and this potential.

I realized on vacation that if I want the life that I want, I need to start living it instead of thinking about it.

The million dollar question is whether I have the courage to do it.
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