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Magnetic Impulses...

There have been times in my life that I have been so drawn to another person that it has reminded me of an elemetary science project. The pull is so strong. I'm positive, they're negative, and I am powerless to resist the pull towards them. Generally, when I have felt that pull, it results in some sort of passionate encounter. Unfortunately for you nosey folks out there, this blog entry isn't about that sort of pull... :-)

Rather, I wanted to comment about the involuntary pull that seems to occur after you meet someone for the first time. It's a more subtle pull. You're going through your life and BAM! You keep running into them. It is as if the Universe continues to put them in your path almost forcing a relationship of some sort.

On Saturday night, I attended Hothouse a fundraiser for the Sprout Fund, an organization that supports the arts here in Pittsburgh. It was a HUGE outdoor party. I heard that they sold 1500 tickets. Because I am me, I managed to meet several new people at the event.

Since Saturday night, I keep running into some of the folks that I met. Perhaps they were crossing my path all along, but they blended into the sea of nameless, faceless people that I ignore as I shop at Home Depot and the grocery store. However, I choose to believe that after we made the connection at the party something changed. The Universe has decided to continue our introduction.

Maybe we'll become friends? Maybe we'll simply remain acquaintenances? Maybe these chance meetings are just that? It doesn't really matter actually, it's been fun. It's as if the Universe keeps pulling us together because it wants the party to continue...
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