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Party with a purpose--The Sweeter Side of Green...

OK, I have something new to add to the environmental discussion. Danny Seo has packaged the Green movement in a way that appeals to girls like me. Like clothes, the Green Movement never seemed as attractive as it does when combined with a party.

In this month's issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, they included a recipe for making "adorable drinks" from Seo's book, Simply Green Parties.

If you have read this blog, you know that I have an affection for cocktails. My affection is quite simple. I believe that a well made cocktail is one of life's true pleasures. Also, when you add a cocktail to the mix, you tend to create an instant party. Take a room full of boring people, you have a recipe for a night full of dry jokes and dull conversation. You add cocktails to the mix, all of a sudden, the conversation becomes less filtered and the people become less boring.

Since cocktails are a few of my favorite things, thing of how happy I was to learn that my love of cocktails could actually serve the public good! Apparently replacing a straw with a Twizzler (with the ends snipped) is a way to be Green and to spice up a cocktail.

I might not have been able to get behind that Cage Free egg thing, but this is something that I can get behind. Drinking as a way to help the environment may wind up being more fun than shopping as a way to boost the economy. Who knew being going Green could be so much fun and taste so sweet?!
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