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The "Supper Club"!

If a good wine is the perfect compliment to a good meal, good friends are the perfect compliment to a good evening.

Last night, I had dinner with "The Supper Club". The Supper Club is a diverse group of friends united by our love of fine dining, good meals, and stimulating conversations. We were formed about ten months ago because of my desire to play match maker. While the matches didn't take, the friendship blossomed into something more amazing than any of us contemplated.

The Supper Club is comprised on a business consultant, a physician, several lawyers, and a non-profit executive. We are male. We are female. We are Black. We are Caucasian. We even had a Puerto Rican member who recently relocated.

We meet about once per quarter at a different restaurant each time. While the restaurant is always different and the attendees may vary, the stimulating conversation remain constant. We have the best conversations at Supper Club. And no topic is off limits.

We tend to dine at upscale restaurants in town. At each dinner, we counsel one another about relationships, careers and family. At Supper Club, I have learned new phrases, new techniques, and new vacations. While we the attendees may vary, the spirit is the same. We are all committed to improvement and helping the others navigate life's journey. Isn't that what it is all about?!

I'd tell you more about the "Supper Club", but I fear that I would get kicked out!

Perhaps I shall have a photo that solidifies the place of the "Supper Club" in Chaton's World. Until then, take good care and remember to always seek good wine, good food, and even better company.
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