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The weekend is over...

It's football season! In Pittsburgh, today is a day to rejoice. The Steelers won today. They beat the Cleveland Browns 34 to 7.

We are all dancing the jig in Pittsburgh today. While one game does not a season make, it does get us off to a great start.

It is also particularly gratifying to see Mike Tomlin, the Steelers new coach, start the season strong. Tomlin's position as head coach is historic.

He is the first African-American coach that the Steelers have had. Given the limited opportunities afforded to the majority of African-Americans in Pittsburgh it is encouraging to have Pittsburgh's crown jewel coached by a Black man. Hopefully, Tomlin's success will open opportunities for other African-Americans in Pittsburgh.

Sports aren't everything, but like this early Steelers win, hopefully Tomlin's position is a start.
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