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Down with the haters, up with Obama!

Obama's win in Wisconsin and Hawaii have me incredibly pumped right now. I hope that he carries my neighbor state of Ohio. Because if the pundits are accurate, a win in Texas, Ohio, or Pennsylvania will be the end of Clinton’s campaign.

OK, I am writing about the 2008 Democratic Presidential Race again. I know that I promised to write about other things, but I this election is a huge part of my world. And if you are like my friends, it is a big part of yours too.

Regardless of whether you are Republican or Democrat, for Clinton or Obama, you are keenly aware that you are witnessing history in the making. To have a Black man achieve such prominence in a presidential election is unprecedented. However, as I have said, this is bigger than race.

On the news today a white blue collar worker in Ohio expressed the sentiment best, Obama has transformed this country. He has reminded some, and convinced others, to have pride in this country. We are becoming proud(er) to be Americans. We believe that we can overcome the recession. We believe that we can successfully bring the troops home. And we are willing to participate in politics in a way that has not been seen in some time, or perhaps ever.

We are old, young, White, Black, Latino, Asian, etc., all united to change this country. We are all united in our belief in hope. Obama has given us more than rhetoric. He has given us patriotism.
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