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A public slip of the tongue...

Recently, Michelle Obama confessed publicly that this election has inspired patriotism in her for the first time. Perhaps her words were poorly chosen, given her husband's current run for president. Indeed, Mrs. Clinton jumped all over her for it, and rightly so. However, I get Michelle's point.

In many ways, Dr. King's dream remains a dream.

Black people, and other people of color, have not enjoyed the full promise of America. In many ways, we have enjoyed a second class citizenship, even if we are highly educated and professionals. The jails, courthouses, and unemployment lines tell the story even better. Quite frankly the most common experience for people of color in America is that justice has been delayed and often denied.
But now that change is upon us, we can hope for more.

When Michelle Obama confessed, "for the first time in my life, I am proud of my country", she was having a moment. It was a weak moment, but an honest one. I am sure that when Michelle Obama was a little Black girl in Chicago, she never dreamed that she would know a Black president and definitely didn't dream about marrying him! This Obama campaign is HUGE. Regardless of the ultimate outcome, Obama’s success is an example of the best that America stands for.

Let’s be honest here, until this election, most people of color haven't had a lot of reasons to feel patriotic. Indeed, feeling disenfranchised is something that we had gotten used to.

Quite frankly, it is nice to finally have something to cheer about.
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