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Obama is not invincible, but he is a winner!

Yes, the losses in Ohio and Texas were disappointing, but don’t count Obama out. Clinton and the pundits can ridicule Obama all they want, but they cannot ignore this basic fact. He is transforming the way that politics is done in this country. He is transforming fundraising strategy and fundraising results.

A friend made an interesting comment the other evening. He said, "Even if Obama doesn't carry the election, he has transformed the fundraising landscape of this country." I agree with him. By no means am I conceding defeat. Obama remains ahead in the Democratic delegates and I believe that he will win the nomination.

That being said, my friend's point has merit. Obama is outpacing Clinton in fundraising and in the number of contributors to his campaign. He raised $55 Million in the month of February, beating Clinton. His February fundraising results set a fundraising record by a candidate in a contested primary. In February, Obama tapped into 385,000 new contributors for a total of more than 1 million donors, also a record. And in every primary thus far, Obama is crushing Clinton among newly registered voters.

His success and appeal is more than speeches. His campaign is so inspiring because he gets people who were never interested in politics before to care. That is what this country needs. It needs for young people and previously disenfranchised people to become patriotic and to become committed to serve. And we all need to believe that America can be great again.

We simply cannot get there following the status quo. And the fact that Hillary sometimes wears a dress is not a significant enough change. Regardless of her gender, Hillary is the establishment. And she knows it.

Clinton has said the super delegates are supposed to exercise independent judgment and protect the interests of the party. That is code for, the super delegates are supposed to reward her for her service to the party. The super delegates are supposed to maintain the status quo. We have all witnessed where that has gotten us.

It is time to shake things up! It is my sincere hope that America, and my home state of Pennsylvania is courageous enough to embrace this opportunity that Obama has given us—the opportunity to really change this country.
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