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Don't Stop Believing in Obama!!!

Yesterday’s results were disappointing. It is always better to win than to lose, but we must analyze the results in context. If we do, it is easy to remain hopeful.

Senator Clinton has only had surprise defeats. Unlike Obama, she has had no surprise victories. Lest we forget, last fall, she was predicted to skate through to the nomination once she got past John Edwards. However, she met a surprise. She met a force called Barack Obama and she has been attempting to recover ever since.

In her victory speech last night, Senator said that the residents of Pennsylvania spoke. However, if we listen closely we hear a lot former supporters saying we want change that we can believe in. And we believe in Obama. Yesterday, he closed the gap in Pennsylvania, which by definition means that she lost ground.

In the urban centers of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia the people loudly screamed, “We want Obama!!!” While Clinton attempts to minimize the significance of urban centers by saying that they don’t represent the “real America”. That is simply not true. All Americans deserve a voice. Those in urban centers and in the rural communities. This is after all the United States of America. Obama is the only candidate who seems to get that. He is the one who is committed to uniting instead of dividing.

Although unstated by the Clinton campaign, Pennsylvania surprised her in some ways. While Obama didn’t win the rural districts, his performance in those communities demonstrated that he is a real contender. He remains someone to be reckoned with and he remains ahead in states won and delegates earned.

The remaining primaries will decide the fate of both candidates. I still have my money on Obama. He has such support among the people. He has convinced so many people to give of their hearts, funds, and time. He will win if his supporters remain steadfast, committed and work hard to bring in the victory. And most importantly, he will win if we, “Don’t Stop Believing!”
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