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Give me your ignorant, your poor, your racist masses longing to preserve the status quo…

Does it surprise anybody that the voters in a state best known for in-breeding were reluctant to vote for a Black man in a presidential race? Before a month ago, would any self respecting Democrat outside of West Virginia have wanted West Virginia to play such a significant role in the primary election?

It is time to tell the truth.

The exit polls revealed that the eight out of ten West Virginians voted for Hillary because she is White. Now, I understand that a victory is a victory. And most politicians in Senator Clinton's shoes would be rejoicing too. They wouldn't care if every resident in West Virginia was a card carrying member of the KKK just as long as they voted for them. However, it is that kind of thinking that needs to change.

The sign on the Statue of Liberty reads, "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" was an invitation to other nations to send those in need so that they could find a better life in America. The inference was, come to America and you will find rest, strength and prosperity. With all of Senator Clinton's recent comments about "hardworking Americans", she has been giving tacit endorsement to racist thinking. Somehow "hardworking American" has become defined as White, uneducated, and racist. And the message from Senator Clinton has been, "Come here, I have a place for you."

I object to the notion that White folks have a monopoly on hard work. However, more than that, I object to this type of campaigning. I do not believe that Senator Clinton is a closet racist. Rather, I believe that she is irresponsible. She is allowing her ambition to cloud her judgment. Her comments are fueling racist feelings in people who are experiencing hard times. America is bigger than this election. However, if this destructive rhetoric continues, we will be less united. Senator Clinton needs to be very careful about the role that she plays in that.
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