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Happy Mother's Day!!!

Today, I ran the Race for the Cure. It is impossible to ignore the significance of the race. This race was moving for the same reasons that it has been in the past. It is such a good cause—40,000 people uniting to eradicate breast cancer.

I think this the fourth time that I have run the race in Pittsburgh. However, this race was different for several reasons. First, I am in awful shape. As I ran the hills and meandered through the course, I was painfully aware that I have not been working out. Second, and more importantly, I wasn’t able to share Mother’s Day with my own mother.

Fortunately, I am blessed that my mother is still living. And, every other time that I have run that race, I have done it with her. It had become a tradition. However, since she has moved, we were unable to run the race together. In addition, an upcoming event made it impractical for me, or my brother and sister, to go to DC to see her. Next weekend, we will all make it up to her.

Next weekend the entire family will be convening in Atlanta to celebrate my brother and sister’s graduation from college and business school respectively. We’ll also be celebrating my mother.  When my mother sees her children get those degrees, it will be the happiest of all days.
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