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Life Teaches You Things...

Unlike most bloggers, I try to write about the deeper meaning of life and less about my own drama, despite this being titled "Chaton's World".

That being said, I realize that sometimes I need to write about things more personal than politics. Recently, I have learned that people will disappoint you, relationships will fail, but still you need to believe. You see, it is not about the individual people or about the particular relationship. It is about the lessons that God has for your life.

I believed in something for some time, but learned that it was Fool’s Gold. Pyrite glistens. So it is easy to become confused. What I have learned is that I must continue to mine for what is real. I must continue my search for love and for understanding.

Going through the process at eighteen seems reasonable, doing it as a professional seems ridiculous. Still, it is a necessary human process. We have no control over when we will learn the lesson. We just have to be committed to learn.

I’ll keep you posted about what life reveals to me. Chaton’s World is full of surprises!
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