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Life teaches you things...

Life teaches you things. It makes you more tolerant. It makes you more understanding. Those are wonderful platitudes. However, I am embarrassed to admit that the longer I live, the more I keep making the same mistakes.

My life has had ups and downs. Admittedly, some are self inflicted. However, some I think are just typical of the human experience. I have love and lost. I have succeeded and failed. I have been incredible and average.

Currently, I am in the middle of man trouble and friend trouble. It seems like this has been the case my entire life. There always seems to be some drama in my life. I long for the day that I gain wisdom about how to fix it with less difficulty.

I used to wish for the drama to simply go away. I thought that life would be easier without it. However, I came to realize that life would be much less interesting without the stories that are created by the drama. The stories become the fabric of our lives.

Upon reflection, life has taught me more than I thought. I have learned that joy follows drama as sure as the light follows day. In a word, this too shall pass.
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