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Obama, America's Son...

Obama’s success should not be labeled as a setback for women. While historic, Obama’s defeat of a female candidate is not the most noteworthy aspect of this race. It is infinitely more noteworthy that he beat the favored candidate.

Because of her personal qualities, fame, and political career, Hillary Clinton was expected to skate through the primary all the way to the White House. She was an accomplished United States Senator. She was smart, well-educated and a successful lawyer. She had the cunning that is required for political life. She had incredible name recognition. She had the political machine. The story was supposed to be different. Simply put, she was expected to win.

However, Senator Clinton’s path to the White House was interrupted by Barack Obama. His ascent is significant because he won through grass root efforts and a new internet campaign.

Obama’s ride to the nomination hasn’t been an easy one. It had complications in it. It had a crazy pastor. There was racism in Pennsylvania, and confusion about Florida and Michigan. He confronted negative campaign tactics. And he had to fight politicians who questioned his right to challenge Senator Clinton. He did not have the support of the Democratic machine. He’s Black. He’s young. He had low name recognition. And nine months ago nobody of political significance was betting on the Black guy with the funny name.

However, here we are today. Obama is the presumptive nominee, in spite of the odds. His victory should not be tarnished because a woman lost. He should be applauded; and America should be proud.
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