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Prison has all of the hotties!

According to a recent New York Times article, entitled, "Exercise: Link Is Seen Between Crime and Fitness" criminals are in better shape than the general population. Now, it's true that the article is based off of one limited study of Arkansas' prisons, but I think that the point still holds.

In an even less scientific study, my friends and I have lamented the love handles on too many of the professional men that we've gone out with. If you're in it for the expense accounts, money, and prestige, go for the professional man every time.

But if 50 Cent type abs, killer arms, and powerful thighs are your thing, you may just want to go to family day at your local prison. Unlike the club, there's no velvet rope and access is easy. And since they're sequestered, I hear that prisoners really know how to appreciate a lady.

I don't know that I'll be at the prisons seeking a mate. I mean they are locked up and all and I wouldn't get the benefit of those hard muscles. Still, perhaps I should start practicing criminal law?

It's hard out here for a single girl. You've got to be creative! ;-)
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