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The Race Is Won By Those Who Endure...

The human journey is universal, which tends to mean that we all learn the same lessons. I was reading an article about Paul Pierce on that discussed his thoughts about winning the NBA Championship. I found it ironic when I read a comment that he made that reflected the sentiments I made in yesterday's entry. He said, "Life has so many hurdles. Some of them I've hopped over, and some of them I've tripped over. The key is to get back up and finish the race."

My sister and I hung out with Paul in Miami some years ago. He was really cool. While we never stayed in touch with him, I've rooted for the Celtics ever since. I am pleased with their victory. And although his accomplishment outshines anything that I've done to date, I respect the sentiments he expressed in the article.

So, a little lesson from Logic class. I believe that life is about how you overcome obstacles and Paul Pierce believes that life is about how you overcome obstacles. Therefore, I am Paul Pierce. Well, that doesn't really work does it, but you get what I mean.

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