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Getting a Bikini Attitude...

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Where did I get my overly developed sense of self consciousness? I work out and diet to be thin. I read the news to remain current so I don’t seem like a complete idiot to those I work with and my “smart friends”. I read fashion magazines to remain fashionable. As my ex-boyfriend often said, I “try hard,” maybe too hard.

Truth be told, I feel better when I eat healthy. I like knowing what’s going on in the world; and I get a kick out of fashion. So the habits described above are not entirely imposed by a desire to impress others.

That being said, I think that I came out of the womb self conscious. I cannot remember the last time I wasn’t concerned about decorum and appearances, squeezing to see if I can pinch an inch and making sure that I was appropriately dressed. 

How liberating it would be to simply not give a damn…

The "Bikini Attitude" Means Rocking What You Got Without Shame

As I sit by the pool at this resort, I am keenly aware that not everybody gets as worked up about things as I do. Instead of being consumed by what’s appropriate, they are living in the moment and having a great time. They have what I shall describe as the “bikini attitude”--comfortable, carefree, and liberated.

There are the kids—dancing and prancing about. They are off beat. If they know, they don’t care. If they don’t know, it doesn’t matter. They are in the moment and full of complete joy.

There are the adults. While I am immersed in my journal, they are immersed in their vacation. They seem unconcerned that they are largely un-tanned (bottle or sun). It matters not that they have clearly said “yes” to Krispy Kreme more often than they have said “no”. They are in their bathing suits. Many of these women are even wearing bikinis and grinding to the music.

Their drinking may explain the grinding, but it doesn’t explain their choice of attire. Their wardrobe selection was made in advance. Despite what some might think, it was not a malfunction. Somehow, it works, even though their body is far from perfect.

I may sound like I’m judging, but really, I’m jealous. Their utter lack of self-consciousness amazes and impresses me. I'm going to the beach at the end of the summer. It would be nice to wear my bikini without an ounce of self-consciousness. I'd like to do more dancing and less doubting.

Hopefully, through my observing, I have attained the "bikini attitude" by osmosis. These folks are having a ball!
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