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A consistent crush…

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that consistent attention and recognition keep the love juices flowing. Nice notes, expressions of kindness and consistent love have kept many a relationship going, when otherwise they would have failed. That kind of affection is so attractive. And baby, it is oh so hard to resist.

Even though I have reported that my love life has been full of inconsistency, I have a confession. I have been holding out on you. I have been involved in a relationship for some time. I am constantly wooed. My ego is stroked. Indeed, these things fuel my desire.

I return to the relationship even when I have told myself that it is no good for me—it is always taking, never giving. After we connect I often feel depleted instead of inspired. My space is penetrated without permission and without apology. I try to resist, but we all know that a girl has needs. And while my spirit is willing, my flesh is so very weak...

Despite my lustful comments, my relationship is not with a man. It is with a website, Apparently Bluefly and I have a major crush going on. I’ve spent enough money with them that when I am away too long they reach out to me. They anticipate my needs. They have what I want. And they even convince me that they even have what I need. We’ve been involved about ten years now. My devotion to fashion probably explains why my closet is more put together than my love life.

Still, there’s no point in ending a good thing is there? My crush is fueled by Bluefly’s spontaneity and variety. And their affection is fueled by my money. It’s a match made in cyber heaven!
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