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The Lessons of Strangers...

I did not leave my heart in San Francisco, but I did learn some heart lessons on my vacation...

My friend always counsels me against talking to strangers. I’d listen to her if I didn’t learn so damned much from the strangers that I meet. Indeed, a stranger motivated me to start this blog while I was returning from my Cabo vacation last year. Interestingly enough, in San Francisco some strangers really taught me something.

On this vacation, I learned to follow my heart instead of holding back. I observed a couple who was into one another and oblivious to the world. I met a woman who was on her fourth marriage and still hadn’t given up on love. I also met someone else whose matter of fact approach to life inspired me in a way that familiarity could not. For someone struggling to find her own path these strangers taught me an important lesson.

I could bore you with the details of that lesson, but certain things a lady never tells--not because they are salacious, but because they are secrets. Anyway, the details aren't important. What's important is that I have learned, I have grown, and I have been liberated.

They say that we only regret the things that we haven't done. Until now, I have said "no" more often than I have said "yes". That practice has caused me to have many regrets. I am now committed to doing more and regretting less. Let’s hope that my courage continues, beyond vacation.

So here I am, post San Francisco, full of hope and satisfaction. Thanks to all of the strangers for the lesson…

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