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Take risks and live!

Vacation has a way of teaching us things. Last summer, while returning from my Cabo vacation, I decided to start this blog.

The Cabo vacation began as an act of rebellion of sorts. I wanted to assert my independence in a very obvious way. The irony is, I had been asserting my independence daily for my entire single life by paying my own bills, working, and building a life for myself. Still, that vacation opened my eyes and convinced me that I needed to make a change.

Unfortunately, the feeling was short lived. I still held back from embracing life fully. Indeed, other than starting this blog, I continued to play it safe. I was afraid that I would be consumed by life if I gave it everything that I had. So, I continued to hold back. I would often be polite rather than honest. I would be cautious rather than courageous. And I over analyzed everything rather than following my heart.

A friend recently said that he thought that I could handle anything. Outwardly I agreed with him, but inside I felt dishonest. I knew that I had been able to handle things thus far because of my extreme caution. Also, I had never really invested my heart. So nothing had ever really been at risk.

Well, my trip to San Francisco taught me some things. My friends and I shared stories. And their stories liberated me. (Who knew that “I Never” could be so deep?!) :) They had taken more risks than I had and they were still OK. Moreover, they were more content and having a lot of fun. So, just for kicks, I decided to take a chance.

They say that we only regret the things that we haven't done. Because I have tended to over analyze things I have had a lot of regrets. Well, I decided to flip the script in San Francisco. I decided to be bold instead of being a bashful. I am happy to say that I am still standing. More importantly, I am smiling because I did what I wanted to do instead of thinking so damned much.

Don't worry, I did not dance on any tables and I did not break any laws. However, I did take have a great time. I have no regrets. It's a great feeling. And unlike last year, the liberation followed me back to Pittsburgh.

Let's hope that the momentum continues. This liberation has made this summer the best ever!

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