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Behind every man is a great woman...

Michelle Obama has impressed me throughout this election, but the Democratic Convention was her shining moment. If her handlers wanted to portray her as an inspirational figure, they succeeded. As I watched her speak, I was moved. She personified everything that most professional women want to be, including me.

She was proud. She had clarity. And, her determination was obvious. Moreover, she was stunning. Her hair was perfect. Her makeup was impeccable. And her dress was regal. As her husband has said, she might be a viable candidate in her own right. However, instead, she has chosen to collaborate with her husband to raise a family and to win the presidency. Watching her made me think about a different type of leadership—one that is graceful, elegant, and incredibly effective.

It is clear that Barack Obama is where he is because Michelle Obama is who she is. Hearing her speech made me proud to be a woman, and proud to be an American.
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