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A colossal fashion faux pas...

Unless you're at the Prada equivalent of a blue light special, most shoppers believe that “you get what you pay for”. However, Sarah Palin’s new wardrobe has given her much more. Her new clothes not only reveal her style, but also reveal the fallacy of the Republican platform.

I’m not mad at the Republicans or Palin for making sure that she looks nice. Any woman with any ounce of fashion sense would invest serious cash on clothes if she were on the national stage. Let’s just abandon this façade that the Republicans are for the common man and Obama and the Democrats are elitists.

Spending $150,000 indicates that Palin is not common. Allegedly, Palin has a crib in her office—not common for a “hockey mom”. Palin was on Saturday Night Live—not common. Palin’s family accompanies her on business trips at her “boss’ ” expense—this perk is reserved for highly compensated executives.

The Republicans have lots of explanations Palin’s wardrobe. And they all make sense to me. However, that is immaterial.

Whatever the rationale, spending more on clothes than most people earn in a year is a lot of money. So, Republicans should simply confess the truth. Presidential candidates cannot be common. And, do we really want them to be?

There is one relevant question. Is the candidate is qualified to lead?

Presidents should be thoughtful, hardworking, compassionate, and inspirational. Presidents need to handle the pressure of the job. Presidents should not get flustered by policy questions. A president’s greatest claim to fame should not be chugging a six pack, killing a moose, or forgetting how many homes he owns.

Sarah Palin’s fashion budget should be news because they were robbed. They spent $150,000 and she looks like just another hockey mom. At least John Edwards got great hair after paying $400 for that haircut…
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