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A stranger, a statement and a smile…

Many of life’s pleasantries have been dispensed with in these busy times. Many people feel like they barely have time to breathe. We forget the lessons that our mothers taught us. We frequently fail to say “please” when making requests, “thank you” when some extends a kindness, and “excuse me” before passing someone in the store. Too often, while standing in a store, I am gently pushed by a fellow shopper who is too preoccupied with the matters in her own head to acknowledge that she has invaded my personal space in the most obvious of ways. For these reasons it always does my heart good when someone takes to the time to extend a courtesy.

This morning however, I received a wonderful surprise. As I walked down the hall at work I saw a man approaching me. He was carrying a brief case and a coffee mug. He seemed to be in a hurry. However, he wasn’t too busy to pause to greet me. He gave me a cheerful “good morning”. And, he even threw in a very broad smile.

I may never see him again. However, his statement and accompanying smile truly brightened this dreary Pittsburgh day. It was as if for an instant the sun came out and shone brightly. He reminded me that there is always time to extend a little kindness.

Sometimes it seems like the sun barely shines in Pittsburgh. So, I am determined to keep the light shining. Hopefully, I will also brighten someone’s day.
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