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Everybody wants something...

Christmas is the season of giving. Children want gifts. Mothers and fathers want their kids home for Christmas. And lovers want kisses, and then some.

A lot of my friends want to "hook up" this holiday season.

More people have shared their desires with me this year than ever before. Friends have told me whom they crave and whom they desire. One friend even revealed how excited he was about the possibilty of a rendezvous with a woman that he met through jury duty. He disrupted his entire holiday plans because of the promise of passion. Nothing else mattered.

I don’t know if I will get the final report of these true confessions, especially since I have this blog. However, I still thope that my friends get what they want this holiday season. That will help to inspire me. I will start to believe that we all get what we want in 2009! Here's hoping!

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