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Once again, I am in love!

If you have read this blog for a while you know that part of the adventures in Chaton's World involve my quest for love. Well, I am happy to report that I have found a love that will be forever true, forever passionate, and will take me back, even when I have been rude for too long. I have returned to running.

Until this past summer, I had been a lapsed runner for about eighteen months. However, like an old lover, running seduced me once again. My first run after my hiatus was exhilarating, exhausting, and thrilling. My heart was racing, I was out of breath and I desperately wanted to do it again. After running and I became reacquainted again, I began to crave that feeling. I looked forward to the feel of my feet pounding against the pavement, and I wanted my heart to race again.

My love runs deep. I am willing to brave the elements. Unless the roads are impassible, and sometimes even then, I am outside braving rain, sleet, and snow. Indeed, a couple of weeks ago, I convinced a friend to run with me in the pouring rain because, “It’s really warm out. It’s 37 degrees.”

We runners sacrifice for our love. Others drink late into the night. However, you can frequently spot a runner sipping club soda or Michelob Ultra in the corner, looking at his/her watch because they need to get to bed. We wake up at the crack of dawn to “get their day off to a good start”. And, we run late at night so that we can, “fit one in”.

Some may say that our devotion is a bit crazy. We’re always looking to steal a few moments so that we can run. Indeed, we’ll adjust our work schedules, our relationships, and social schedules in order to fit a run into our schedule. However, it is more than worth it. Running is a passion that pays you back in spades. I am sorry that I stayed away so long. However, I am thrilled that running took me back.

If all that isn’t enough, running will also help me look better in my skinny jeans so that I can find someone with whom to share my other interests...
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