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It’s hard out there for a woman…

My friends and I live well, but we aren’t immune from hardships. Over the past few weeks my friends and I have discussed being single. And sometimes, it wasn’t pretty…

Until yesterday our comments were comedic as opposed to tragic. However, yesterday things changed.

We woke up to learn that three single female Pittsburgh residents were murdered at the hands of a crazed gunman. They were killed while working out at a local LA Fitness. According to his blog, the gunman felt rejected by women. And apparently that feeling turned him into a mass murderer.

This tragedy hit us hard. We are female. We work out. And, we have rejected men. We believed that it was safer to be honest than to lead them on. This tragedy suggests otherwise...

If we let it, this tragedy could paralyze us and make us crazy. My first thought was that we should we date every guy who’s interested because a bad date beats dying any day.

I know that makes no sense. However, the tragedy makes no sense either. And when faced with a senseless tragedy pure lunacy sometimes seems rational.

It is hard to accept that we live in a world where being female can get you killed. There is no justice in that. However, there’s no peace in dating men that you aren't interested in. What lessons can we learn if we aren't willing to automatically give all men what the gunman said that he craved?

I cannot make sense of this.

It seems like the best that we can do is have faith, hope, and love. Then again, we can also pray. Prayer may not save our lives. However, it will save our souls. Hopefully, eventually, it will also help us to understand.
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