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I Want That Doggie in The Window...

I have a confession. Apparently, I inadvertently mislead my friends with my Facebook Profile Photo. I posted a photo of me and the cutest dog that I have ever seen. My sister told me that I am ignorant of Facebook etiquette. Apparently Profile shots are reserved for lovers and family. And, they can be used as status updates. I didn't know the rules so I just posted a picture that I liked.

Here is the truth. I don’t own this dog. I barely know her. However, I am deeply in love. I fell in love at first sight.

Her name is Myko. She is a delightful Peek-a-Poo. She is for sale at the Pet Land in Robinson Town Center. She captured my heart with her big eyes and playful demeanor. I saw her behind the glass and asked to play with her in one of the play rooms. She was as sweet as she appeared. I wanted to take her home. I was ready to get her shots and ignore the $1,300 price tag. However, I paused for a moment and that hesitation allowed doubt to seep in...

My friends pointed out that my lifestyle will not support a dog. I travel a lot. And when I’m in town I have an erratic schedule. I kill plants. Indeed, I even killed a pony palm that is supposed to be impossible to kill. For those reasons, I decided that Myko was too expensive, So, I left her at Pet Land.

Even though I did the right thing I am a little sad. I am tempted every day to go back to Pet Land and to bring her home. Even as I write this blog entry I wish that she was here and that I could play with her.

While I was with her I had forgotten that I am not a dog person. I just allowed myself the luxury of enjoying the feeling. And at times like this, I want that feeling back.

This whole thing has taught me that love can strike unexpectedly. It can be instantaneous. And it can be strong. Still, sometimes you say no to the relationship anyway because it is the right thing to do. That being said, I think that I’ll be thinking about Myko for a long time.

Maybe I should forget what my friends say and see if Myko has gone on sale? I think that I may be ready for the training, schedule re-arranging and other things. Her cute face might make it all worth it...

Then again Pittsburgh gets cold and it gets dark early. She'll need to be walked every day. And even though I love her she might just tear up my favorite shoes. Reality cannot be ignored.

For now, I’ll start with another visit. Hopefully, that will make the ache go away...
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