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Unlikely Friendships...

Friendship is a funny thing. It frequently has no clear beginning and no clear end. Often the relationship evolves from acquaintance to friend without anyone realizing that the friendship threshold was crossed. Sometimes though, someone might consider you to be a friend without your knowledge.

The other day, I helped one of the workers in our building access resources to resolve a legal problem. I didn’t provide him with any legal advice. And I didn’t do anything all that special. However, he greatly appreciated my help. He thanked me after I gave him the information. Then, he smiled sincerely. He told me that he promised his family that he would obtain an answer because, “my friend is a lawyer.”

I was surprised that he had referred to me as a friend. I smile at him and chat with him when I see him. However, I always referred to those conversations as simple pleasantries. I never considered that fodder as the foundation of a friendship. For that reason, his comment touched me.

I used to be suspicious about comments like this. However, I have evolved. Being an attorney, even with all of its challenges, is a position of honor. However, being called someone’s friend is an even greater honor.

To whom much is given, much is required. And so, even though I didn’t consider him to be a friend, I helped him. It cost me nothing, except time. I generally minimize my kind gestures. However, I am beginning to think that these kind gestures are expressions of friendship.

Some friends call you to gossip, some party with you, and some simply wish you well from afar. However, there are some friends who show up and help you when you need them. Each type of friend plays a role. I glad that I was able to play the role that he needed when he needed it.
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