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Your life is my Prozac…

Today, someone told me that my life helped to amuse them and to make things better, like Prozac.

The comment is pretty amusing. And, initially, I laughed just it off. My life can be pretty damned entertaining. Over the past month, I have been locked in a stairwell at work, changed my clothes in my car in order to ensure that I got a work out in, and have partied into the night. I also enjoyed an amazing, relaxing, and fulfilling, birthday. And those are simply the things that I’ll share in this blog.

Upon reflection, the comment is rather deep. It is a statement about the role that we all have on this planet. Frequently, people ponder the meaning of life, but it really is simple. We are here to help one another make it through the journey.

The person who called me her Prozac has been struggling lately. So, I am glad that my escapades can help lighten her load. In fact, let me stop writing and go create some more mischief. Surely, there are more people out that they I can amuse!
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