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Reflecting on the goodness of life...

There are times that I am keenly aware of the miracle I experienced last year--when I feel my heart flutter with excitement, when I was recently laying in the emergency room believing that I was suffering related symptoms only to learn that I had only pulled a muscle, and, when I hear about someone who did not have the same speedy recovery. I ran into a friend who told me a story that really touched me. His friend died at thirty three (33) years old after a bout with infection. Apparently he did not respond well to the medication that he received and went into cardiac arrest.

Even though I know that I experienced a miracle, sometimes I take my recovery for granted. Occasionally, I’ll complain about something insignificant. Sometimes, I’ll find myself longing for more money so that I could do something trivial like buy this sleeveless black Prada dress that has been in the past two Neiman Marcus catalogs. And more than once since my event, I have failed to express love in real time because I believe that I can always do it later.

I know that my comfort with life and tendency to take some things for granted is essential for coping. Indeed, when I was a ball of anxiety and tears, I was not very productive or very pleasant to be around. Still, there are times when I need to pause. There are times that I need to remember. There are times when I need to simply thank God that he spared life and allowed me to continue to experience this life so that I can learn, love, and just occasionally take the goodness of a day for granted.

(If you're new to this blog, check out the entries from May 2009 to learn the full story.)
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