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One Secret to Success For Working Moms, Wear Make Up

Yesterday I had a court appearance. I rushed out of the house to get to court on time. It appeared that I had more than enough time to make it. However, the line through the metal detector is always unpredictable. So, I rushed all the same. Even though I am frequently tardy in my personal life, court is a different matter.

My Makeup May Make Me a Better Lawyer

I dashed out of the house with only concealer and a little blush. However, I subscribe to the belief that I am never fully dressed without my mascara and a little eyeliner. So even though I was wearing my navy suit and my pumps I felt naked and ill equipped for the battle before me.

I arrived at court and was blessed with a short metal detector line. However, I was cursed with a poor memory. Despite the signs and the instructions from the guards, I failed to remove all of the “electronics” from my purse. I’m not sure why you have to remove them. They’re not concealed when your purse goes through the machine and they permit you to take them into court. I guess they need to see them to ensure that people aren’t planning to blow up the building or something. In any event, the guards insist that you “remove all of your electronics from your bags!” They’re rather loud about it believing that will ensure compliance.

That logic probably works unless someone like me changed purses that morning and forgot that there was a camera in the change part of her purse. Then the person like me insists that all of the electronics have been removed from her bag, only to be embarrassed by the not so nice security guard pointing out the camera in my purse on the screen, and making me remove it only to allow me in with it anyway. The logic escapes me. So, I get through the line embarrassed and without makeup. Is there no justice?!

How You Look Influences How You Perform

Fortunately, it was only 8:40 AM and my appearance was at 9:00 AM. So, with the speed of Michael Johnson in his hey day, I dash into the restroom apply mascara and eyeliner with the skill and finesse of Michael Jackson (may he rest in piece) and emerged with my armor on. I felt ready to represent my client with skill and zeal and felt like the legal warrior that I am (or at least pretend to be).

The experience taught me that part of the preparation, at least for me is feeling like myself. Even though I had adequately prepared for the hearing, I may not have performed at my best level without my makeup. I guess that makeup isn’t just a requirement for beauty contestants!

Also, justice prevailed that day and my client was pleased.  I even received an enthusiatic hug!

(If you are one of those uber confident women who feel complete with only Chap Stick, more power to you. This is just my story...)

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