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Now that I am pregnant, everyone in the world seems so skinny…

Perhaps it’s the summer or just coincidence, but it seems as I have been expanding everyone else has been shrinking. For the past two months I have been wearing dresses to accommodate my ever growing belly without looking like I am wearing a tent. And all of the other girls in the world have developed an affection, and the body, for skinny jeans.

While I am incredibly happy about the reason for my expanding girth, and cannot wait to meet my baby, I still miss being one of the sexy girls (at least in my own mind). I miss viewing the sidewalk as my personal catwalk where I could sashay and be noticed by my imaginary paparazzi. I miss getting looks of lust instead of the looks of protection that men now give me because I am still wearing heels well into my third trimester. I can see them praying that I don’t topple over in front of them forcing them to be chivalrous.

Given the miracle that I am experiencing, it seems incredibly shallow to lament my old figure. However, I can’t help it. Truthfully, I could get over being the biggest person in the room and losing my place as a sex object (even if I was only viewed that way by the bums outside of my office) especially since I get to eat what I want and I have cleavage for the first time in my life. However, I have not been able to get used to my new limited wardrobe.

True confession, I miss my clothes!!!

Not being able to fit into my own clothes has been an almost insurmountable challenge. I have carefully stocked my closets so that I am prepared for any event at a moments notice. Not being able to fit into my clothes has been sheer torture. And while I have enjoyed my pregnancy, I miss having choices. I am tired of wearing the same ten dresses, five t-shirts, and two pairs of shorts. And while I know that accessories can change any outfit, I am painfully aware that the black dress that I wore last Thursday is the same one that I am wearing tomorrow even if I change my necklace.

Seriously though, I should stop whining. There are many advantages of being the pregnant girl. Strangers smile, open doors, and give me random compliments. I also have an excuse to sample every dessert that’s offered to me. Perhaps that’s another reason why I can’t fit into my clothes…

Oh well, I am hopeful that one day I will re-join the ranks of the skinny girls. I just hope that my clothes will still be in style then!
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