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Expecting the baby...

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My last weeks of pregnancy have been full of waiting. You spend so much time during the first two trimesters worrying about the baby’s development. You cross your legs, watch your activities and do everything that you can to make sure that the baby cooks long enough. Then it seems like things change in an instant.

After they tell you that the baby will likely survive if born, it is on.

Instead of worrying, you get a little anxious. You begin spending all of your time anticipating the delivery. For me, I have been full of anticipation since my thirty-sixth week. And now that I approach my fortieth week my baby is apparently just as comfortable as it was during week twenty. It has achieved none of the accomplishments by which the doctors measure progress. My cervix is neither effaced nor dilated. At this rate, I could be pregnant forever!

My doctors have assured me that the one certainty is that I will not be pregnant forever. At some point this wonderful journey will end. At some point I will no longer have an excuse to eat Pop Tarts, watch an excessive amount of television, and take naps.

At some point people will stop being so understanding. They will expect me to attend events again. They will stop calling to check up on me. They will stop being so understanding of my clothes, which are fine during pregnancy, but not quite up to par. At some point, people will expect me to show up.

For now though, I will just revel in living in my alternate universe where I can rest, relax, and eat lots of carbohydrates. For a little while longer I will spend my days completely obsessed with that which I can feel, but cannot see. And I will wait—wait to meet my beautiful baby.

Keep praying for us!

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