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The New Mommy Strut!

Forgive me if I walk by, don’t speak, and appear rude.

I am just a new mommy trying to find my groove

They actually gave me this baby, thinking I knew what to do

Shame on them! They know they didn’t teach motherhood in school!

Nervously, I brought her home, caring for her despite my despair

Some days I’m on cloud nine, other days I am gasping for air

It’s not that I am ungrateful or want to send the baby back

However, I want to be the best, and I worry there are essentials I lack

Some women, other women, seem dance through motherhood with ease

Somehow despite my prestigious degrees, I am not one of these

I am one of the confused, the disorganized, the screw ups

I barely make it out of the house each day with clothes on and make-up

I am one of the paranoid, the worried, the downtrodden

Success for me is when I don’t prepare dinner with tomatoes that are rotten

I have good instincts, but at times I have not known what to do

And frequently, my days are consumed with tears, feedings, and poo

Sure, many women have done this before, but that doesn’t make it easy

I used to be so glamorous, now on some days I look downright greasy

I think I showered or did I? I have been up several hours

Since rising I have fed the baby, changed her diaper, and bathed her

But really, did I shower???

Well, now I don’t have the time. So I proceed to get dressed.

Hopefully, I make it to work on time and don’t look like a big hot mess

Trust me, I used to be the hotness, now, “less tired” is as good as it gets

Poop, urine, and spit up were not my old eau de toilette

Still, I cannot help but rejoice, this beautiful creature is mine

I understand motherhood is a true blessing and this journey is divine

And now that I have been doing it about eight whole months

I think that I have found a bit of a groove, can it be, is it a strut?

I have made it to work every day.

And lo and behold, the baby is okay.

She has not had any bumps, no bruises, no earaches either

We have survived these eight months without as much as a fever

So even though there are times when my house is affright

I am pleased as punch to know my kid is alright

So forgive me for my rudeness I really mean no harm

I am just a busy, distracted, well meaning, new mom

So here I go, switching, yes switching, down the street

It’s me and my baby and I’ve found a brand new beat

I still have lots to learn, but now I kind of know what’s up

Now just leave me alone as I continue to do my "New Mommy Strut"!
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