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Multi-tasking Your Way to a Glamorous Life

As a working mom, time is a scarce commodity. Between working, the baby’s needs, household duties, and duties to your husband/partner/baby daddy you can barely find time to shower. (I know that I have often referenced by inability to find the shower on this blog. However, please don’t think that I am walking around Pittsburgh violating some sort of “smell ordinance”. I manage to fit it in most of the time...)

With all of your duties, finding time to work out, groom ourselves, and be a good friend is really hard. As a result, I am going to devote several blog entries to the topic of “Multi-tasking Your Way to a Glamorous Life”. While I am not sure that my actual life is all that glamorous, my photos appear that way. So, these entries will help you to at least be camera ready too!

Looking the part is the first step to having a glamorous life. Nobody really cares, except for you, if your home life is in order. Order is assumed. As any new mom knows that shouldn’t be the case. And since I have not discovered the secret to keeping my house clean I shall not be including any advice about that.

As a new mom, working out is the often the first thing to go. Since we have no time we have to be savvy. We have to multi-task if we have any hope of returning to our pre-baby sexiness.

As my sister would say, I try to get it in. As I mentioned previously, I wore my Baboosh by Brooke Burke the first week after I delivered to try to shrink my swollen belly.  It helped a lot.  Since returning to work I do leg lifts as I pump gas. I have a thigh master under my desk at work. I stretch in elevators. I take the stairs at work when possible. I walk fast to meetings pumping my arms. I try to take strolls with the baby on all nice days. I also bounce my daughter up and down to put her to sleep. It’s like she’s my little personal Shake Weight!

My baby is eight and a half months old. The above coupled with my breast feeding has me back in all of my old clothes and feeling pretty good, even a little glamorous!

Next week’s tip will be how to groom yourself on the go! (First, though I’ll be writing “An Ode to Fathers” in honor of Father’s Day. Come back to visit on Sunday!)
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