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Random Thoughts: The First Time at the Pediatrician

The first time I took the baby to the pediatrician was an event. Andre came and my sister was with us. If you think that I am a bit of a neurotic mother, I have nothing on my sister. She’s the most protective aunt you have ever seen! Since she was born analytical, she has well researched lists about every conceivable topic. Between her me and Andre, those doctors didn’t stand a chance at getting anything past us or omitting any portion of the examination. 

What we were not at all prepared for was the confusion surrounding our relationship or our economic status.

To be fair, I guess the pediatrician sees it all—the good, the bad, and the kinky. Because there were three of us, at one point someone implied that we were all raising the baby alá Big Love. I had to gently explain that Jeryn’s my actual sister and not my sister wife… Actually, once I told them she lived in Atlanta they seemed to relax a bit.

The other thing that caught me off guard were the consistent offers of public assistance. I don’t know if they kept offering me WIC because I’m Black, looked disheveled (because of my fatigue and lack of a shower), or out of sheer benevolence. All I know is that the offers kept coming. They came so often that I finally asked whether all I had to do was fill out the paperwork to get the free cheese, milk, eggs, and cereal. I thought perhaps President Obama had created a protected class of female corporate lawyers in need of some help-- “Project Help a Sister Out”...

In any event, when they finally understood that I did not qualify as “low-income” they became slightly embarrassed and I left with not even a cracker.  Fortunately, we are blessed to not need WIC.  I think it's a good program for those who need it and there's no shame in accepting the assistance.  Still, the encounter got me curious about what sparked the offers. Did something about me suggest that they offer me WIC or do they offer it to everyone???

Help me out blog readers, do they repeatedly offer everybody WIC or was it just me?  Let me know if it's happened to you.
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