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Happy Independence Day (for the baby)!

Time feels different at the beach.  It's slower. It also feels kinder and gentler.  That relaxed energy can make one a little less obsessive, at least that's what happened to me.

We arrived at  Presque Isle, off the coast of Erie Pennsylvania, yesterday.  I had never been before.  It is a state park so my expectations were limited.  I was unexpectedly surprised.  It was a  quite beautiful beach. 

Presque Isle is close to Pittsburgh.  Since Andre is from Pittsburgh he knows the area well.  He suggested that we travel to Presqu Isle to celebrate the holiday about a week ago.  He threw up his hands to attending yet another "Chaton event", and he should.  Even though I thoroughly enjoy my life.  Being my partner can be a bit much if you don't assert yourself.

The memories we made are priceless.  His family joined us and so did some dear friends who also have an infant

We went to the beach two days in a row.  Our baby truly loved it! 

In the interest of full disclosure, I had not quite figured out how to keep the baby germ free in the midst of all of that sand.  Even though I bought her beach toys beforehand I figured that she would play with them on our blanket the whole time. Bad plan. Wouldn't you know that before I had figured it out her grandmother took her to the shore and put her feet in the water?!  Then, before I knew what hit me the little girl was sitting in the sand playing as if she were a pig in mud, almost quite literally. She was dirty and happy.  Go figure?!

She looked so happy that I couldn't intervene.  I'm a protective mom, but not a total killjoy. All I could do was keep an eye on her and look forward to her bath time.  Needless to say you've never seen a child get cleaned up as thoroughly as I cleaned her. 

She did have a good time though.  Happy Independence Day!  This baby is getting more independent every day...

More on glamour later! ;-)

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