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Five Tips For Living a More Glamorous Life (grooming)!

I apologize for taking so long to share my glamour tips.  Chaton's World has been a little busy! :-)  To that end, this entry is dedicated to those moms who could use just a little more time...

Those of us who don't have a staff and can't get to the hairdresser, manicurist and eyebrow place as much as we'd like have to improvise!  Here are some of my secrets for staying groomed.

Curling While Driving—True confession, I have been known to leave the house with rollers in my hair. However, I discard them before I am near my destination so that it appears that it bounces and behaves on its own. If I’m really practicing full disclosure here, I should tell you that I rarely exert even that much effort on my hair. In truth, I have come to believe that a chignon is the epitome of elegance. The beauty for me is that it’s a style that only takes me two minutes!

Plucking While Parking—I have discovered that nothing reveals stray eyebrow hairs like natural light reflecting off of a rear view mirror. I swear it never fails. If it is daytime and I am driving, I notice something that needs to be plucked! Lucky for me there’s always a pair of tweezers in my car. Don’t hate me because my brows are tamed, you too can practice parking plucking. Just be sure to do it in a parking lot where nobody knows you!

Conditioning While Sleeping/Vacuuming/Shopping—I’m a Black girl and my hair requires deep conditioning. As a new mom though, time is not on my side. For that reason I condition my hair while sleeping/vacuuming/shopping, etc. Quite frankly, I condition my hair whenever I can. I have even gone to work with conditioner on my hair. (Please see above for the chignon reference… J) Don’t knock it. My hair sucks up conditioner like it was born to do it. All the naked eye sees is shiny slicked back hair!
Manicure/Pedicure While Napping—I have not been to get my nails done since before I was pregnant. It’s both a time thing and an inclination thing. Spending time getting my nails done when I could be spending time with the baby seems frivolous. However, it is sandal season and my shoe collection mandates that I figure it out. So I paint my nails and prop my legs up on the ottoman and try to sneak some zzz's when the baby is taking her weekend nap. Slathering Vaseline on your feet and sleeping with socks on keeps your feet sandal ready too!

Facial While Showering--I used to wash my face at the sink.  However, lately I've been slathering my face with facial wash and jumping in the shower. I've realized that the steam helps the facial wash be more effective. It penetrates my skin better, which has helped me to have fewer breakouts this summer.  You gotta love that! When I need a little extra clean I mix the exfoliating agent with the regular wash.  Who has time for a two part regimen?!
That's all for now. Stay tuned for more tips!
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