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Bathroom Tales: "Barbarians" on Vacation

You never know what people are into...

I was in the bathroom at work and innocently asked an associate what she planned to do during her vacation.  I expected her to tell me that she was going to the beach, traveling to visit family, or even having a “staycation”.  I was not at all prepared for what she disclosed.  The only thing that would have shocked me more is if she had told me that planned to sacrifice small animals and howl at the moon!

With great excitement she told me she's a "barbarian" and will be reenacting the middle ages during her break. I must have looked confused because she proceeded to educate me about what that means.   Lest you be confused, this is nothing like the renaissance fairs because "it's not for outsiders".  

People get together to "experience what the middle ages are really like".  They go to the woods with no phones or television. I thought it sounded a lot like a camping trip with a theme.  Then she told me that as a barbarian she’d be defending a village.  She went into great detail about what the other people would be doing.  I’d tell you what she said, but I can’t remember.  It was really too much information to process.  Also, I was still shocked that this mild mannered, heavy set woman would be dressing up as a barbarian and defending a village. I just could not picture it.

I said it sounded like a lot of work.  Then she got a faraway look in her eyes, her eyes welled up a bit, and she said, there's nothing like it because, "it's fun and you're surrounded by people you love and who love you back".  She was absolutely sincere and I did not get the impression that “reenacting the middle ages” was  simply code for “orgy”.  

Her reaction made me see how important the entire thing is to her.  I am a fan of anything that makes you feel loved and protected.  However, in the interest of full disclosure, I was completely out of my league with this one.  I actually looked around to see if I was being punked! Just when I think that I cannot be shocked, this happens! 

These kind of unexpected disclosures make being a working mom fun.  I can’t wait till the baby gets older so that I can share these tales with her!  
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