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Three Ways for Working Moms to Look Glamorous

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Still, our frantic schedules and busy lives ought not be excuses for looking haggard. In reality, the question often becomes how can you fake it until your weary soul matches the rested image you would like to project. The answer is--cosmetics!

As a busy mom you need cosmetics that really work. You have no time for routines that require energy, but are ineffective.

Use a Double Duty Moisturizer + Shimmer: I use a moisturizer that has vitamin C as an active ingredient. It keeps my skin supple and even toned. Gotta love that! I'm not brand loyal though. As it relates to make up, unless it's a very special occasion I don't bother with foundation or powder. In my opinion they can clog the skin and is unnecessary unless it’s a special occasion. I do mix a little shimmer lotion with my moisturizer. It tends to give me a glow.

Step Away From the Computer and Buy Some Eye Cream and Concealer, Immediately: If you don’t already know, eye cream + a good concealer can cure a lot of ills. If you don’t believe me, just try it. Eye cream makes the little wrinkles pop out so that there’s a smooth canvas for your concealer. If you start wearing concealer next week people will start congratulating you on getting your baby to sleep. I wear concealer everyday and people at work have told me that I don’t look like I have a newborn. Trust me, I have a baby and I am pulled in a lot of directions. Sleep is in short supply at my house. The only reason for the compliment is mommy’s little helper, “Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage Concealer”. If it weren’t for this concealer I promise you I’d look like a complete hag! (I mention this brand because it has consistently produced a well rested appearance for me even when I have had minimal sleep. I know it's a bit pricey and may not be practical for other moms.  So, feel free to fine one that works for you.)

Mascara and Lip Gloss or a Tinted Lip Balm are Essentials: The other two things you need to look well rested are mascara and lip gloss. Mascara makes your eyes pop! If you don’t know what that means, put some on and you will totally understand. Your eyes can go from droopy, “I was up at 2 AM, 4 AM, and 6 AM nursing this baby eyes” to “Good morning, I will have that report for you by the end of the day eyes” in 60 seconds. I kid you not! The lip gloss or tinted lip balm finish your look. (BTW--I use drug store mascara and lip gloss and nobody is the wiser.  Although I guess everyone knows now... :-))

I promise you can do this entire beauty routine in about 7 minutes and look like a star!

Stay tuned for how you can improvise when you don’t have 7 extra minutes! Also, I have an upcoming entry about a rather unglamorous day at work.  However, I lived to tell about it so that I can help you avoid the same mistake! :-)

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