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Thankful Thursday (My Cup Runneth Over)

I work in health care and I watch the news. Both remind me that there is no guarantee of tomorrow’s good fortune. Both make me pause to reflect on my blessings.

I am pulled in many directions. My days are full of rushing to work,  meetings, conference calls, nursing and pumping, and trying to look glamorous in the midst of it all. Still, I know that all of these responsibilities are blessings not burdens.

The economy is sluggish and unemployment abounds. Having a job, any job, should not be taken for granted. However, having a job that I enjoy that makes me feel like I am truly making a difference is a tremendous gift.

I rush because I am fortunate enough to have a family who needs me in many ways.

I have this beautiful baby who is pure joy. I don’t take one moment with her for granted. I have friends who have tried for years to conceive. It is exhausting, frustrating and heartbreaking. Also, I had a health scare 8 months before I got pregnant and there was no guarantee that I would survive, let alone become a mother. I jokingly say that my baby is the product of love, good timing, and libations. However, the only thing that I know for sure is that I am blessed to be her mother and I am committed to doing the best job that I can.

The pursuit of glamour is simply in my DNA so I can't fight it. My grandmother, Claudia, viewed every day as an opportunity to show the world how beautiful she could be. Lipstick, rouge (blush for those of you unfamiliar with that term), eye shadow, and mascara were prerequisites for doing housework! She was often the prettiest, best dressed, woman in the room. She lived a life without paparazzi, which is unfortunate because she was always ready for her close up! :-) I can only hope to be half as glamorous.
So, even though you may hear me complain from time to time, this morning I am extremely thankful and happy!
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