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It's still Twitter Tuesday!

In my quest for more Twitter moms I have "met"some fascinating gals and a dad that I had to include because he’s funny and cool.
I found moms of all shapes sizes and interests. I found moms who discovered  surprise pregnancies. I found moms committed to Christ and their families. I found moms committed to baking and loving. I found a mom who says that she is living in a “sea of testosterone” and she isn’t living in a frat house! I also found a ton of moms who are multi-tasking their asses off.  They sell #Silpada jewelry. They are wives, mothers, maids, bookkeepers, doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs in addition to being moms.  Well, I didn’t actually find an Indian chief, but I bet I could have if my work and mothering obligations hadn’t intervened!  
The most rewarding finding this week was finding a mom who describes herself as “rotten”. I loved that she claimed that label for herself since most days I like I am barely earning a passing grade as a mom myself. It’s nice to know that I have company. (the "super mom" image that accompanies this post is merely aspirational!)

Finally, I am so happy to have found @booyahdad, a man who is strong enough to proclaim that he loves his wife, loves his kids and loves social media!
Till next Tuesday, keep tweeting!

1.       imwholehearted

2.       @soundmindspirit

3.       @arwenelizabeth

4.       @mommy_ro

5.       @simplyasandwich

6.       @hstayingafloat

7.       @spitupchronicle

8.       @motherhoodtruth

9.       @rottenmom

10.   @kludgymom

11.   @booyahdad

12.   @plumwonderful

13.   @latorres

14.   @obamakimber

15.   @rottenmom
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