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Twitter Tuesday!

As you know, last Tuesday I promoted moms who Tweet.  Since there are so many moms saying interesting things I have decided to make this a regular segment, at least for a while.

The moms below are committed to telling the truth about motherhood with unapologetic honesty. They tell the truth and shame their husbands. They also help me know that I am not alone on this blessed journey called motherhood. I've also included someone who Tweets about fashion. Who said that mama can't be fly?!

Here's to the Tweeting Moms!!!

  1. @mochamomma
  2. @thesmartmama
  3. @askmoxie
  4. @scarymommy
  5. @herbadmother
  6. @vodkamom
  7. @strollertraffic
  8. @lilsugar
  9. @selfishmom
  10. @mom101
  11. @foodiecitymom
  12. @familymoms
  13. @krisjenner
  14. @mommyofamonster
  15. @1momof5
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