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Twitter Tuesday!

On this dreary Tuesday knowing that there are other mothers our there sharing my struggling makes my day a little brighter.

Some of the women listed below bring levity to the Twittersphere and make me laugh. Some of the women below help to ground me when I am spiraling out of control because their world seems a little crazier than mine. And some of them make me feel like a complete slacker, even though I work, care for my toddler, my man and blog because they seem to do all that and more. In the interest of my sanity I seek balance. So, I have also listed some who make feel like a mommy rock star because they can’t cook, don’t manage to clean their house and don’t work! They even seem to look great doing it and manage to relax at the end of the day with a good glass of red wine. I realize that I may not be able do everything, but I think that I can really excel at the red wine part.


1. @resourcefulmom

2. @themotherco

3. @MOMeo

4. @NeverHomeSAHM

5. @PampersandPinot

6. @mssleepdeprived

7. @oldtweener

8. @notsuperjustmom

9. @4badmommies

10. @corp2domestic

11. @bernie807

12. @MommasGoneCity

13. @undomesticdiva

14. @Blended8

15. @SJM_CookiesMom
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