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Like most people I greeted the new year full of vigor and ambition.  Just four days into the year and I am starting to wonder whether everyone else got something when the clock clicked at midnight that I didn’t get.

I have been in meetings with people confessing how they have made such progress towards their resolutions.  Also, the commercials suggest that everyone goes to bed on December 31st and wakes up the next day with increased discipline and commitment.  On January 1st you should be able to lose weight, find more time to exercise, and become an overall better person.

Well, I went to bed on December 31st and woke up on January 1st with my same issues.  Happy, but with my same issues.  Content, but with my same issues.  Well rested, but with my same issues.

Perhaps I don’t have the right type of mattress??? 

Here were some of my goals.  I was supposed to go to bed earlier.  Wake up earlier.  Become more organized.  And have a sparkling home with no laundry waiting to be folded.  Very basic goals.  I wasn’t striving for world peace.

Here’s where I am so far.  I have woken up earlier. So that is a victory.  However, I have already failed to make it to bed earlier.  My increased organizational plans have yet to yield fruit. (True confession: I haven’t even put one piece of paper in a folder.)  My home doesn’t sparkle.  And that laundry, well it is still there.  We may have a laundry waiting to be folded record.  However, I am too embarrassed to contact Guinness to find out for sure!

Maybe I could do more housework if I stopped blogging???  Andre made that sacrilegious suggestion once.  While it wasn’t quite an “off with his head” situation, it is not a suggestion that he has made twice… J

Anyway, I confessed my guilt to a friend about my lack of productivity and the things left undone on my “To Do List”.  She said that anyone who completes everything on their “To Do” list probably doesn’t have enough things on there.  LOVE her! She is wide beyond her years!

On the bright side, it’s only January 4th.  There is still lots of time for me to make my plans a reality!

Let me know if you have anything that can help me achieve my goals!

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