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Twitter Tuesday!

Anybody who visited the Carnegie Science Center yesterday probably saw me.  I was the mom chasing the toddler who was thrilled to pieces to have a taste of freedom.  She found her sea legs so to speak and she was delighted. 

I was a little scared though. There were big people and little people everywhere.  I actually kind of punched a guy in the gut who was walking way too fast and didn’t see my eager little toddler exploring at the Science Center.  It’s amazing how bold motherhood makes you. I had to do it, but I was glad that I wasn’t wearing my Chaton’s World t-shirt as I had planned.  Forget what you have heard. Bad publicity is just bad publicity.

Anyway, the crisis was averted and the baby continued on her journey and I avoided fisticuffs.  She enjoyed the open space, the other children, and the lights.  However, what she seemed to like most of all was the ramp.  She loved it! She ran down the ramp as fast as she could.  However, gravity is a new concept to her and her legs are short.  Eventually she fell down.  Then, she did the same thing all over again. It really was a sight to behold.  I loved experiencing it with her.  However, I was enormously grateful that my mother was there to share the experience!

In the midst of my MLK Day excursion I found some interesting women who Tweet who I would like to higlight. I found traveling moms, shopping moms and moms who value style. I found moms who run and moms who blog and a mom who writes to maintain her sanity.  (I totally understand that!) I found vegan moms, running moms and moms who work everyday to help us all look beautiful!
Most importantly, I found our first lady.  Yes readers, FLOTUS Tweets! How cool is that?!  Since today is her birthday I thought I would share her Twitter ID with all of you.  Shoot her a birthday message when you get a chance!

Oh well, it is time for bed.  I am just glad that Twitter Tuesday is actually coming out on a Tuesday. I have 5 minutes to spare!!!
Happy Tuesday!!!

1.       @urbanmommies Canada

2.       @TheShoppingMama

3.       @AgeistBeauty 
4.       @MichelleObama
5.       @ChelseaHouska –I’m a mommy

6.       @Meganterry01

7.       @veganrunningmom

8.       @BklynRunner Long and winding road, NYC

      10.   @AlexisAKAMOM Washington

11.   @momsatwork Orlando, FL

12.   @247moms Gig Harbor, WA

13.   @typeamom Asheville, NC

14.   @lawyermom

15.   @maggiecary
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