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Drinking My Way to Fat Tuesday...

The other day I finally looked at a regular calendar. Usually I look at an Outlook calendar where the holidays aren't illuminated. However, when I glanced at the regular calendar I realized that Ash Wednesday is this coming Wednesday. WOW! Time has really flown by in 2012. I can't believe that Lent will start in a few days.

Although I am not Catholic, I will still be figuring out something to give up for the Lenten season.  I believe  in the concept of Lent. I understand the benefit of sacrifice. It's probably a function of four years of Catholic school. (I also am really comfortable with the concept of guilt, but that is a topic for another post!)

I generally give up something that has become a part of my routine that I'm not altogether pleased with. For the past ten years my Lenten sacrifice has involved giving up alcohol in some form or fashion. I have given up hard alcohol, all alcohol, alcohol during the week--almost any way that you can give up alcohol.

Like a lot of lawyers, after I began practicing law I took up drinking.  Most lawyers drink on a consistent basis. When I worked at a firm giving up alcohol was not well received, even though I practiced in the Bible Belt. I distinctly recall a fellow associate saying, "Just have a drink!" when I refused one during Lent. It's funny how one's personal choices can create hostility in others.

For the past six months I have been enjoying a glass of red wine nearly every night.  I get home after work. I play with the baby. Andre bathes the baby. I nurse her and put her in her crib.  Then, I go downstairs and have a glass of wine.  Then I Tweet. That has become a ritual, my routine.  I look forward to it. It makes me smile. And I quite enjoy it.

Reading the calendar and seeing that Lent is coming soon has me thinking about what I should give up this year.  I've been thinking a lot about my ritual, that nightly glass of wine. Because I enjoy it so much I think that I should probably give it up for Lent. That would be a sacrifice. 

Perhaps. because of those thoughts, I feel like I have been drinking more.  This whole weekend I have been drinking wine like it is going out of style, like it is going out of fashion--like they won't be making anymore after Tuesday.  Subconsciously I think I've been drinking so much wine because Fat Tuesday is during the week and I am working on Wednesday.

As I am writing this post the baby is asleep, I am enjoying a glass of red wine, and Andre is in the kitchen doing the dishes.  This is about as close to perfection as I get on any day. 

When Ash Wednesday comes I will have to define perfection differently. Perhaps I will start drinking decaffeinated Earl Grey tea for Lent.  We'll see.  However, I do know that giving up my red wine after work will be a sacrifice.  And for Lent, that is more than OK. Until Wednesday, CHEERS!!!

Don't judge me.
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