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Terrific Tuesday: It’s Valentine’s Day!

Twitter Tuesday has been abandoned in favor of terrific Tuesday. Instead of just profiling my fellow tweeters I will discuss anything that I find interesting.  Last Tuesday it was the Kate Spade sale and this Tuesday is Valentine’s Day!

Yes it’s Valentine’s Day. And it is all about the love.  I love my baby! I love my man! I love my life! (Check out the love in the photo!) But I do have ghosts from my Valentine’s Day past…

I remember being in junior high and high school (Gates Chili) on Valentine’s Day. It was always flower day.  You could tell the really popular girls. They always had tons of flowers.  In my class those girls tended to be cheerleaders. A few who got lots of flowers were Darci, Stephanie, and Brenda.  (Hi ladies!) I would see them walking around with their bouquets hoping to get just one. Sometimes I managed to get a couple much to my relief.  But there were other times when I was flowerless.  I hated those times.

One Valentine’s Day I was in a relationship where the poor guy could not buy a break.  We were constantly bickering, but we were trying to make it work. He thought that Valentine’s Day was going to be his chance to hit the reset button.  However, the florist had other plans.  They botched his order.  Apparently, the florist thought that Valentine’s Day was going to be their chance to reinvigorate their bottom line. They overbooked and under delivered. They did not deliver my flowers. The guys felt bad and I was disappointed.

Then, there were those Valentine’s days when I just waited for the day to end.  And even though those days are over, I remember them.  So, in honor of those Valentine’s Days gone bad, and all of you without a Valentine today, I am re-posting a Valentine’s poem that captures my previous feelings about this day.  Enjoy!

Valentine's Things (a joke)! (c) (to the tune of "My Favorite Things")

Chocolate candy exchanged
And cards everywhere

Magazine ads
Saying love's in the air

Deliverymen scrambling to make their deadlines

This is a day that many despise...

Men feeling pressure to make the big play
Women keeping score on this special day

Everyone tense trying to do right

Many a couple will get in a fight...

Expressions of love on all the channels
Easygoing women turning most anal

Singles believing that they are now alone

Walking single file through the love zone...

The winter transforms into a sea of red
Some give gifts to get (her) into bed

Many wishing real hard for tomorrow to come

Returning the world to normal for everyone...

When the door knocks
When the phone rings
When we're feeling sad
We simply remember these Valentines Things and then we feel really bad!


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