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Twitter Tuesday!

I know that it’s like I am playing peekaboo with Twitter Tuesday.  Sometimes you look for it and it just isn’t there!  The past couple of days I was distracted a bit.  I was preparing a guest post for another blog and neglected my own. (Super thrilled to be a guest blogger though!)  Also, it was a rare warm winter day in Pittsburgh.  So, last night the baby and went for a walk.  And we had the best time!
A few weeks ago, when we returned to work after the holidays, Tuesday came and went without a posting. I was confused and missed posting an entry because I thought it was Monday. My confusion lasted all week.  This time I remembered as soon as I woke up today and said, “tell me it’s not Wednesday!” 
Nobody answered.

Perhaps I'm the only working mom who sometimes confuses her days, but I don't think so. I think that most moms are doing the best that they can in the midst of laundry, dishes, and trying to brush their teeth.  They are doing all those things that I mentioned on Monday in my “Time Flies When You Have a Toddler” piece. I used to be judgmental when I saw them out and about looking a bit frazzled.  Now, I don’t judge them. 
Moms do everything that everyone else does plus more than a little more.  The Toddler mom deserves her own place in heaven!  

Moms do heroic deeds. They sacrifice. They clean up all sorts of smelly, slimy things.  They deserve medals. They deserve medals and a day reserved in their honor. Wait, I guess moms did get a day, it’s in May.  Still, we need more. Until we get it, check out the ladies listed below. They are more than heroic.  They’re Tweeters!  You don’t have to give them a medal, but send them a message on Twitter and tell them that @chatonsworld sent you!

1.       @maryrambin

2.       @nugglemama

3.       @maternmommy

4.       @juliaallison—self-promoter

5.       @mskateryan—daring to dream

6.       @dohavelawdegree

7.       @manageablelife

8.       @janicedarcy

9.       @liberatedmommy

10.   @twinpossible

11.   @thechicmama

12.   @sugarjones

13.   @katiefhurley

14.   @staceymoments

15.   @punditmom
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