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A Peek into the Life of a Mommy Blogger

Picture this, it is a Sunday morning. I am sitting on the stairs with my laptop, my copy of the New York Times, a book, and a mug of tea.  The stairs have become my makeshift office for the moment. 

We live in a townhome that has three levels.  I have a real office upstairs. So you may wonder why I am on the stairs and secondarily you may wonder why I have so much stuff there with me!

The first floor of our townhome has one large great room.  That’s a bit challenging when you’re trying to create boundaries for a toddler.  We accomplished this task by buying a HUGE gate that creates a “wall” on that floor where there was none. I affectionately call the area behind the gate “baby jail”.  As you can see from the photo accompanying this post, it’s sometimes “daddy jail” too!

On the stairs, I can be with them and write at the same time without my loving daughter trying to peck the keys on my laptop.  She’s fascinated by it and my “no’s” fall on deaf ears. Some might call that disobedient. However, I don’t know if that term can be used for anyone under 2. Also, I think that there are limits to the capacity of a 17 month old to resist something that has lights and makes noise.  It seems like Fisher-Price agrees with me given the number of toys that do the same thing.

Also, my pediatrician told me that one of her patients was badly burned by hot tea. My daughter also is instantly enamored of anything that I am eating or drinking. Being on the stairs allows me the freedom to enjoy my tea without keeping track of where she is every moment because she is safe with her father in “baby jail”.

Actually, based on the set up of our home, nobody can see me on the stairs either.  So, there is no “I want mommy” whining, which often ensues around naptime, which is quickly approaching.  So, these stairs have become my little hideaway, my retreat, my haven.  I have found something that often eludes me, “mommy time”!

 How do you find time for yourself?

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